Unique Replica Automatic Tissot

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To conclude this week, we have a fake watch that is both interesting and important. Its pricing also happens to be straightforward, because everyone likes a happy ending. If it weren’t for one key feature, I might have used far fewer flowery adjectives to describe the next feature, but it’s there, so use Byzantine vagueness! Our last watch was a replica Tissot, but it was very special. It was made a long time ago for the American Horological society. In the center of its dial, you’ll find a blue and yellow figure depicting not the death star, but the observatory.  IMG_1844
For those not familiar, the Horological Institute of America was the precursor to what’s now known as the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute, which was founded with the intention of advancing horological pursuits within the United States. Although not the first replica watch association in the country, the institute and the following organizations are credited with efforts to establish and support watch schools throughout the country. These efforts ensure that the craft we celebrate with such enthusiasm has a future, and today’s market will clearly show that this is a success.
This watch was possibly purchased by a member with a special eye for design, as the applied indices surely separate this piece from the pack of more pedestrian Tissots. My single gripe with this piece is how its case lines have been polished away, though it’s one of those “find me another one” scenarios in which you really can’t complain. Therefore I’ll sing it a little praise, and deem it the most amazing fake watch you’ll find this week at a very low price.