Do you need a Rolex with diamonds and gemstones?

Diamonds are not the only precious stones in Rolex designs. When you look around at the legacy selection as well as the collections still in production, you will find several different gemstones in use. In addition to diamonds, you will find rubies, emeralds, and sapphires as the more popular choices.
As with diamonds, any gemstone used in a imitation Rolex watch design must meet strict quality standards. All gemstones are evaluated for clarity, color and overall condition. If something is a little cloudy or has some inherent flaws, it will not be used.
Different Rolex designs use diamonds or gemstones in different parts of their watches. Their placement and number will vary depending on the design itself. These stones are included to enhance the look of the watch while allowing the owner to enjoy all the features that Rolex is famous for.
The watch face or dial is one location where diamonds may be placed. There may also be designs that include a series of diamonds or other stones on the bezel of the watch. You may also find that the strap or bracelet also has diamonds that match the watch itself.
There are several factors that can affect the cost of adding diamonds to a Rolex design. The size of each diamond is one aspect that affects the cost. Another factor has to do with the number of stones included in the design. Keep in mind that this will also add to the overall cost since only higher-quality stones are used.
Generally speaking, you can expect the cost of a diamond or other gemstone to start at the high end of the triple digits. From there, you can expect the cost per gemstone to reach five figures in value.
While there is some debate on this point, the Rolex Pearl Master is often considered to be the design with the most diamonds. In particular, the replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pearl has often considered the watch with the most diamonds.
Looking at the watch, potential buyers will notice that the watch dial itself is covered with a series of small diamonds. The bezel has a ring of larger diamonds of the same color and clarity. The rest of the front of the watch also has diamonds covering the entire face. Finally, the bracelet has two, and sometimes three, different-sized diamonds that match the diamonds used on the body of the watch.