Best Selling Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II 

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Originally, Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master timepiece which became the official timepiece of the Pan Am pilots, and was designed so as to facilitate flight between different time zones as the age of intercontinental flight reached its boom. To avoid any confusion, Rolex replica equipped its timepiece an additional GMT hand and a dual colored bezel which would clearly show whether it is night or day in that time zone. Except being very readable in that manner, the new color scheme with the bezel being divided into red and blue halves looked pretty neat and became very sought after. In those days, the best way to create a bi-colored bezel included a transparent Plexiglas section which revealed painted surfaces underneath it.
A new chapter began about nine years ago when Rolex began using Cermachrom inserts on its rotatable bezels. The obvious advantages of ceramic as a material are its glossy appearance and more importantly its extreme resilience, simply because it does not corrode, it is not affected with ultra-violet light and is virtually scratch proofed. Nevertheless, the initial complex process allowed the creation of this type of bezel solely in black color. The following breakthroughs were the addition of green and blue colors to the list of options, together with the creation of the first two-toned insert (in black and blue) that was featured on the previous Oyster Perpetual GMT Master II piece which saw the light of day last year.copy rolex
Some five years after the creation of the first model, the brand mastered a new technique which allowed it to make a dual colored bezel of anodized aluminum. New color schemes followed one of the examples of the new color arrangement that was seen on the first Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II watch from 1982. The second generation of the watch abandoned a fixed GMT hand and offered the wearer an option to set it to time zone of its preference. This way, the pilot’s timekeeper got the third time zone which could be read in the combination with the movable bezel. Despite the addition of new colors, the original red and blue scheme still remained a crowd favorite and the best liked when compared to all of the following iterations.
Still, the original iconic colors were impossible to create up to this day. This was due to the process of creation of ceramic parts itself. During the manufacturing of Cerachrom bezels, mineral pigments are added to the mixture to add the color. These minerals are utilized because they can be exposed to extreme temperatures which are necessary in order to create compact and resistant final products. Since there are no red minerals in nature, it is clear why the “Pepsi” color scheme still remained an impossible feat. The difficulty only proved to be a challenge to the rolex replica which developed a secret process that allowed coloring to red. Even this was not adequate since the other part of the bezel needs to be in blue color. The final hurdle was passed with the development of the solution which is used to treat a half of the bezel during its creation so it would turn blue.
The remarkable bezel that can be turned both ways in order to show the time in the third time zone is matched with a black laquer dial as it was originally the case. This black face includes hands and applied hour markers made of 18 K gold and coated with highly luminous Chromalight material.