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What a Fake Watch Industry can offer you?

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The model features a brand new design from Cartier, featuring a cushion-shaped look and a defined dial with soft corners rather than the usual circular dial. This is why I really wish makers will strive more in 2021 to build their watches out of quality materials and will put a bigger emphasis on details. Positively speaking, That’s why I think watch makers having quite a lot of inspiration on their hands already. And the year has barely stared.
What do you wish to See Be Replicated in 2021?
Case in point SIHH 2021 had a lot to offer last month. I’ve noticed that watch makers tend to stick to classic models, which isn’t a bad thing in concept. Since we’ve stepped into the New Year, I’ve taken upon myself to make a few predictions about what the 2021 might bring about in the watches department . Sure the Cartier Tank remains an iconic model of luxury watch-making industry, but it sure is nice to be given the power of choice, isn’t it?

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As much as I love the Cartier Tank myself I can’t help but gush over the new models the watch maker has lifted the veil off the gorgeous Drive de Cartier.
You might remember I argued watches might take to copying the functions of smart watches these years.
This is just an example, as other emblematic watchmakers like Vacheron Constantin or Piaget have put on display new models recently. thus the time is ripe for replica watches makers to take a leap and start producing new and exciting products. Another thing I desire to point out is that maybe just maybe watch makers should try and focus more on classical models, because here they have the highest chance of producing a genuinely worthy fake.

Quality Upgrade Is Needed in 2021
You know me and my dazzling passion. I like to order a watch here and there, test it and then write down my impressions of it. While the 2015 the show was pretty disappointing with the harvest being quite scarce, this year things were quite different. As you probably have noticed, most of the reviews I make on this blog are pretty negative. That’s because 1) I’m very attentive to details and 2) watches have an incredibly low quality status.
It remains extremely complicated to find a high quality replica watch online today. Judging from my own private, experience I can say most of the I order turn out to be pretty bad. I’ve also blogged about some of the most amazing new watch models that were announced or launched at SIHH 2021. Sometimes they arrive with scratches, other times their band cracks after just a few weeks of being worn and the chronograph never seems to work.

I have to conclude this article by saying that I definitely think you should wait a little while before buying watches. Yes, it’s an compelling model, However also a relatively new one. thus hopefully in the near future, watch makers will put a little more effort into manufacturing this awesome timepiece. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.