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Replica Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer

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The popular replica Omega brings the advantages of a METAS certified movement to the Seamaster 300M family with this version of the replica Omega watches Seamaster 300M. As James Stacey reported earlier this week, there have been a lot of design and movement upgrades and updates and the result is a watch with a very strong visual identity, together with a movement that arguably stands for some of the most funny horological engineering being done anywhere in Switzerland.
The new Seamaster 300M fake model now comes with a new version of the ceramic bezel together with a ceramic dial, which is laser-engraved with the famous wave motif; on this famous model, which is the basic steel version with a rubber strap, the numerals on the bezel are full of white enamel. From a technical perspective, there are absolutely significant advantages to ceramic as a material for the bezel of a diver’s watch – the material won’t fade and it’s for all intents and purposes scratch-proof. Obviously none of us worry about scratching our watch dials.
The combination of a ceramic dial and a ceramic bezel also makes for a very visually outstanding wristwatch. The dial of this model has a gloss finish that picks up the light beautifully, and both bezel and dial give an impression of very good quality and precision in manufacturing. Transitions between areas of differing color are razor sharp, and there’s just enough gleam coming off the dial to make for a pleasant glow; there’s a handsome subtle matte finish to the grooves forming the wave pattern. One of the things you always want from a watch company is to see that the entry level products are being treated with as much respect as the higher-end stuff, and with these new Seamaster 300M models, the company really seems to be going all out to do that.
James wasn’t quite sure what to make of this and I wasn’t either initially – helium release valves are useful to saturation divers undergoing dry decompression in either a seafloor or a ship-board habitat and under neither circumstance are divers or their watches immersed. We’ve checked in with the fake Omega, however, and they’ve clarified that the new valve has been designed so that if it’s accidentally left open, the watch is still water resistant, which makes much more sense. 
These have proven to be totally accurate and durable movements, and the fact that they are essentially impervious to magnetic fields of any strength you’re apt to encounter in real live, is a considerable plus for consumers. This extends even to the strap and buckle; the first keeper for the strap has a small metal insert to hold it rigid so you can more easily insert the tip of the strap, and the second keeper has a small projection on its inside surface that notches into a hole in the band, to help keep it from slipping.