Introduction to The Replica Breitling Avenger Blackbird 44


Since then the watch has become a reference point for aeronautical chronographs, and a masculine, utilitarian icon. It could also be claimed to be the watch that saved Breitling, as it was the first model new owner Ernest Schneider chose to release, five years after he bought the company off Willy Breitling at the height of the so-called ‘Quartz Crisis’. The unfashionable at the time mechanical (and oversized) replica watch was a smash hit, with pilots and the general public.
However, to a certain extent,it works. Breitling make unashamedly bold and masculine watches, and they make them well. Take the new replica Breitling Avenger Blackbird 44, even the name is cool, which sounds like a backup character in the newest Marvel movie. However, Breitling realizethat not everyone has the forearm firepower that can manage a 48mm case (the sizing of the previous Avenger), and they’ve scaled it down to a large, but more accessible 44mm.Or even, would you like something more powerful and much manlier? This model is definitely a choice because of its sporty style that’s truly ideal for energetic males.Breitling-Avenger-Blackbird-44-1Everything else is business as usual though – the titanium case with DLC coating backs up the promise of the Avenger’s ‘Blackbird’ claim. Dial and strap arein color of black as well, the merely accents being the luminous materials and splashes of red onthe watch dial and at the tip of the seconds hand. Thankfully although all the textures of black are quite distinct; the case as a satin finish, the dial a textured matte one and the strap is wovennylon, which is very comfortable, compared with my other collections.
Breitling have managed to walk quite a delicate line with this vintage watches -it nods its head to heritage, without feeling like a full on heritage watch. The end result is a very pleasing, and eminently wearable chronograph.