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Directions of wearing a Rolex

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Like clothes and shoes, getting your Rolex just right is crucial. Too tight and it can be uncomfortable to wear, especially if your wrist fluctuates slightly throughout the day. Too loose and not only does it look awkward, but the watch will have a tendency to rotate around your arm, making it susceptible to more impact and stretching of the bracelet.

Your best replica watches should also fit properly on your wrist by removing any extra links so it can slide, or by extending the bracelet so it is not too tight. If your watch doesn’t fit properly, it will make you look sloppy, unprofessional, or at least, like a new collector. Remember, you’re actually wearing the watch on your wrist, not on your wrist. Not sure you’re doing it right? Follow our watch sizing guide.
Getting your Rolex strap or bracelet to fit your wrist correctly is a crucial part of making sure it looks and feels best on your wrist. Traditional leather straps are relatively easy to adjust straight away, but for Rolex metal straps, the adjustment process can be slightly more complicated.

If the Rolex still doesn’t fit after using the built-in extension system, you may need to remove two links from the bracelet. You can find a watch expert you trust to do this, or if you are confident, you can use some tools at home to do this. If you want to remove the links from your Rolex bracelet, remember that the clasp should be as centered on the case as possible, not on one side. This will help keep the balance on your wrist.

Using a screwdriver, carefully unscrew the pins that hold the two links together and pull out the pins. Then wipe any remaining Loctite residue from the pins with a paper towel and set them aside. Repeat this process to unscrew the pin on the connecting rod to be removed on the other side.
To put the bracelet back in place, apply a small amount of Loctite solution to the end of the pin, join the two open links together, thread the pin through the hole, and carefully screw it back into place. Make sure to keep the remaining links and pins in a safe place in case you need to readjust or sell your rolex swiss replica watches in the future.