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Classics from Omega and Rolex anchor this week’s selectio

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There’s something gorgeous and everlasting about wearing a nicely-crafted best replica watch. Even if style has shifted over the past several decades towards an acceptance of larger, more sophisticated wristwatches paired with more formal clothing, nothing beats a classic. We’ve got a selection of vintage pieces that perhaps bridge the gap between the old and the new this week. Some of these selections include a 196os  Omega De Ville chronograph perfect in any setting, a beautiful replica Rolex Datejust from 1979 with the coveted ‘Buckley’ dial, and a curveball in the form of a vintage Doxa SUB 300T ‘Searambler’ – because what fun is life without breaking some rules once in a while?  
This  Omega De Ville is the best alternative to the more commonly seen Speedmaster, with a more svelte profile too. The rich matte black dial of this example is spontaneously untouched, with a well-preserved handset and the rare, manually-wound caliber 860 chronograph movement. The simplicity and beauty of the two-register layout and minimal dial elements make this a perfect dress chronograph to slip under a cuff.
Though most of dress fake watches tend to have more subdued dials, the bright white dial with contrasting Roman numeral hour markers on this fake Rolex Datejust is a showstopper. The lines are clean and crisp, all contained within the typical Oyster case and paired with a dressy leather bracelet. This example still has all its lume plots intact and exhibits a wonderful interplay between the black painted indexes and the black handset. A smooth bezel ties it all together. 
There are so many fun iterations of the Doxa SUB 300T, and all are relatively bulky and particularly engineered to reach great underwater depths. There’s something in their funky utilitarianism that has recently gained traction with collectors, and it’s quite a wearable replica watch in the end. The bold luminous markers contain the most tritium allowed on a dial at the time, and the orange accents make this a great conversation piece at the office or on the weekend.
What’s more, we have a 1945 best Omega with an extract from the Omega archives, a 1956 Omega Seamaster XVI for the 1956 Summer Olympics, a 1960s Zodiac Goldenline, and a 1968 Rolex Datejust. All of these watches are available at our online store.