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released last year in 2013, the new omega speedmaster won great attention from the whole industry. there are two major reasons for the popularity. first, the popularity and hype just narrowly edged out the 15,000 Gauss in regard to consumer and media attention. omega was certainly aware that this was going to happen when they released them during the same year. the second reason is because many replica omega seamaster do a lot in regard to tackling the issue of fending off magnetism. 
but what is magnetism in a best replica watch? well, mechanical watch movements are traditionally made of mostly metal, most of which is ferrous metal. it means they are susceptible to magnetic fields–which are actually more prevalent than people think. magnetism can do two things to a watch movement, and both are things you want to avoid. magnetism can first act to completely screw up the accuracy of a movement because the balance wheel is being effected by the force, ruining its operation. this means that interaction with magnetic fields can make the accuracy of a mechanical movement all but useless. second, magnetic fields can cause the metal in your watch to become magnetized. this will destroy your watch movement until a watchmaker can demagnetize it. as you can see, avoiding magnetism when it comes to a mechanical watch is usually a good idea.
our  omega is pretty tight-lipped in about every detail. the point is that how to copying the correct movement, especially when the new seamaster is a professional watch in avoiding the magnetism.  
legibility of Dial is a key asset of almost all  omega seamaster models, including above omega seamaster. it is actually very reminiscent of classic seamaster models, but in a slightly different way when compared to the planet ocean edition. that is really what this model about, quite same personality, but in a different language. as the omega seamaster is more dress watch versus sport watch, our inexpensive omega replica gives it 150 meters of water resistance and it isn’t a true diver as it doesn’t have a rotating bezel. having said that, it is very faithful to the original seamaster models that were meant to be a weekend watch for the country club demographic.